Returning to Study, i must be mad!

So as the title says I’m returning to study and it is quiet probable that I have just completely lost the plot.

Not only do I have 2 children under the age of 3, work 4 days a week, blog and am the community manager of the Made For Mum’s neighbourhood in Luton, pre-school treasurer but I’m also committing myself to sit 11 exams to complete my ACCA qualification.

Oh… and combing that with the BSc Honor that you can do at the same time.

But do you want to know the strange thing about it, I’m not daunted by it all, not worried, not even excited to get started. Just a bit, blah about it all really. I don’t think my heart is really in working anymore, defiantly not in accounts.

I will study and I will finish the course, if not for any reason other than the money. The qualification around here is worth at least an extra 10 – 15k on your salary, now that’s money with 2 young children I couldn’t afford to turn down!

Before I started blogging I never really saw myself having any other career, although I dislike working I just get on with it. But now I’ve seen something a bit more exciting, something to get your teeth into, the world of PR!

I don’t think I would change career after spending 2 years in night college getting to this point and I am most likely mad to study with 2 young children, I’m doing it to benefit us as a family, someone remind me that next June when the exams are fast approaching!


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