*Review* The Basket Company

Earlier in the month I’m sure you couldn’t have missed our competition we were running with The Basket Company, it was a gorgeous 2 person picnic basket which should by now be with its lucky winner.

We however were given the chance to review something of the website.

Now this is where you know I’m a parent….

I picked a laundry basket.

I know, I know.

It was eagerly anticipated though and possibly one of the deliveries I’ve been looking forward to for a while!

Our old laundry basket had seen better days and we brought it with us when we moved in here back in 2007 so it really did need replacing!

After having a look round the site I decided to go for the large Square White Wicker Laundry Basket. I liked the face it was square and would fit better into our room but also the fact that the lid has hinges on is a great bonus for me rather than the kids using it as a shield!

Laundry Basker Laundry basket

I have to say I was very pleased with our newest addition to the family!

The basket itself is the perfect size for a family of 4 but the quality speaks for itself.

It’s lining and basket are perfectly made, with no sharp or fraying edges. I’m pretty certain that this basket is a long-term investment.

Also I was very fortunate that The Basket Company have also give us 3 of their small White Wicker Rectangular Storage Basket to use at our wedding day as bathroom baskets.

If you have never heard of bathroom baskets, they are basically little bundles of possible necessities at a wedding, to help your guests dance and laugh the night away.

So for example they will contain plasters, body spray, plasters and so on!

These baskets were the perfect size for our bathroom :

These are perfect for what I need them for however I think they’d also make a great addition to a little ones room for toys or even in your bedroom to hold your beauty products.

I love the products we have received from The Basket Company and have a little list of things I want to get in the near future!




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