*Review* Beasts of Balance

*Review* Beasts of Balance

We have been very kindly sent the board game Beasts of Balance plus an expansion pack to try out with the kids in the run-up to the festive season.

Now this game is a hybrid between a board game and an app for your smartphone or tablet as you require both to be able to play the game. The multi award-winning game challenges your strategy and balance as you try and build up, without it all coming tumbling down.

*Review* Beasts of Balance *Review* Beasts of Balance

The game is pretty easy to set up from the box, you will need to make sure you have a 3 AA batteries, a screwdriver and the tablet or phone with the Beasts of Balance app downloaded.

Once you have installed the batteries and start the app on it will give you some basic instructions on getting started. The game itself will also take you through the basic game rules to get you going.

We found the game easy to set up and actually quite addictive as you play the game.

In the box you receive:

  • A plinth (this is the white base)
  • 6 beast artefacts
  • 10 element artefacts
  • 2 miracle artefacts
  • 3 migrate artefacts (look like arrows)
  • 3 cross artefacts

Alongside the app and some batteries, you now have everything you need for the fun to begin.

Each artefact has a symbol on, which you scan to the front of the base. This registers the piece you are about to place on the plinth. Then you start to stack your artefacts on the plinth, bit by bit.

*Review* Beasts of Balance

The game has beasts which can migrate from water to land for example using the migrate artefacts. With the cross artefacts, you can create a new beast as it combines the beasts currently in the game to unlock a new beast. This is great as you can track the new creatures you have discovered.

Your aim is to score as many points as possible.

This is done via having as many beasts on the plinth as possible before they go extinct! They have a health pool which ticks down each round, though you can boost it again with the element artefacts. So, it is all about the timing and planning of your placement, whilst trying to balance them all!

*Review* Beasts of Balance

Here is a video that shows it all in action for you:

As well as the basic game there has also been expansions brought out which include cards to let you cast magic and spells. Plus there is now some additional characters such as the ghost crab in the paranormal pack and hotbelly hangry dragon.

One feature I love about this game is its diversity. It is not aimed at just kids or adults, it can be enjoyed by everyone. The game itself can also become very competitive as let’s face it, you don’t want to be the one responsible for making it fall! There is also the option to make it 2-3 player competitive mode, so you can take on your family and friends.

This is going to be a big hit this Christmas and the coming months, one to put on the family wish list!

Beasts of Balance

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