*Review* Furby Connect

Guess who’s back? Furby’s back!

Not only is Furby back but they are better and more interactive than ever before and likely to be top of most Christmas wish lists this year.furby-connect

The new Furby connect comes with some great new features such as :

  • Now Bluetooth enabled which means Furby has an internal year round clock and knows if it’s Christmas Day, Easter or Valentine’s Day
  • The Furby’s mood can change from from happy to sad, to scared, to excited. This makes each Furby unique.
  • You can interact with your Furby by petting, tickling or shaking Furby. What is more impressive is the fact he’ll show off more than 150 expressive animations via the LCD eyes, ears and light-up antenna. Furby’s can also interact with each other too.
  • Furby Connect now comes with a new world app that allows you to feed him, play games or take Furby to the toilet. You can also raise your own little Furblings in the app.
  • The Furby Connect World app keeps Furby updated and brings in new entertainment from across the internet every week that Furby learns to interact with.
  • My favourite feature of all, Furby now comes with a sleep mask! No more waking him up when you pop into the kids room at night!

Furby Connect

Kayleigh and Ethan had a Furby a long time ago, but I have to admit it was very annoying. It kept going off in the night and you couldn’t really understand what it was saying before finding its way into the un-played with pile of toys.

Not this one.

Our Furby is really interactive and talks away to the kids. The fact that it interacts with the app is a great addition as it brings so much more to the whole toy.

As well as it’s improved interaction the new Furby has an amazing set of expressive animations that help bring it to life.

If you need your day brightening, make sure you listen to the Furby singing.

This has been such a big hit in our household that the kids have put another Furby on the Christmas wishlist so they can have one each. Of course at the age they are the fact that it goes to the loo and farts occasionally has had them in stitches.

I know lots of people will have this on their little ones wish lists this year and may be doubting buying one due to the cost, however I have to say it is well worth the money and I think it will give endless hours of fun! The only suggestion I would make is to get some rechargeable batteries as these would work out better in the long run with this toy.

Kayleigh and Ethan were fortunate enough to receive a Furby to review however they loved it so much it is top of the wishlist now for Christmas!






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