*Review* Little Friends: Dogs & Cats on Nintendo Switch

*Review* Little Friends: Dogs & Cats on Nintendo Switch

We were kindly gifted a digital copy this game for this review – all thoughts are our own.

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats on Nintendo Switch

We are a household of gamers, so when we were contacted about trying out the new Little Friends: Dogs & Cats (which is exclusivily on Nintendo Switch) both of the kids jumped at the chance.

The game is a pet simulator in which you can select to either have a puppy or a kitten as your own virtual pet. Once you have chosen your pet the fun then begins are you get to know more about your pet and their personalities. You can feed, pet and dress your chosen pet alongside playing with their favourite toy, walking your dog and taking part in a tournement.

Certain features are earned by unlocking friendship ratings with your pet, for example if you want to unlock cats you do this by unlocking the Friends Plaza. However to do this you ned to get your friendship rating to level 15 with your starting dog. You are slowed a little in doing this to begin with as you can only go up 10 levels a day, however it doesn’t take very long at all.

This game is aimed more at children rather than a wide range however the kids have absolutely loved it. You can pick from 6 dogs and then when unlocked 3 kittens, plus you are able to play with 3 pets at the same time so no one is leftout!

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats on Nintendo Switch

Both Kayleigh and Ethan have been learning what their pets like, with hundreds of lifelike personality traits, it has taken a bit of effort from them to get their pets on board. It also makes them use their brain a little in remembering what each pet likes, just like a real pet! One of Kayleigh’s favourite feature is the fact there is over 600 accessories to dress your companion in.

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats on Nintendo Switch

As it is the kids that have been playing this game I asked them what their thoughts were on the game:

Kayleigh – It’s good. I really like the bit where you can throw the ball for the dog, it is cute when they dive to get it.

Ethan – It’s great! It is very good as it actually looks like a real dog and you can take it on walks like a real dog. When you go on the walks you get coins for doing this, which you can use in the pet store to buy things for your pet.

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats is exclusively on Nintendo Switchâ„¢ and is now out! If you are looking for a child friendly game where they can have fun, this has to be one of the top picks for that. As a gamer I do think it is aimed at younger children, which for my two is perfect for them.


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