*Review* Love Leggings

During lockdown I have got back into working out, however, I had hardly any work out clothes to wear and the ones that I did have were pretty annoying.

I hated working out where my trousers sat on my tummy, however mid HIIT work out would roll down and be irritating. So then switched to shorts, just don’t do what I did and do it in household shorts, they are not made for squatting!

Love Leggings came to my rescue though and kindly sent me through a pair of their Energise sports leggings.

*Review* Love Leggings

Firstly they are lovely in length, at 5 ft 10 it is hard to get clothing that is long enough is pretty annoying. That goes for tops as well as trousers, they always seem to end up as “cropped”. The leggings from Love Leggings were a comfortable length and didn’t rise up as I was working out.

The next best thing was the waistband, the band itself was a nice size and it sat comfortably on my tummy area. Even though this may have expanded during the lockdown, the leggings held in place, no matter how many star jumps or squats I did, they stayed where they were supposed to.

The quality of the material used is great. Unlike some leggings you can get, this material feels lightweight however it does not become see-through whilst wearing them, your dignity stays intact whilst wearing these and working out! The Energise range offers a lightweight approach to working out and offers compression & support in all the right places. The breathable material also helps when working out.

Although I tried out the sports leggings, they also do everyday leggings, maternity leggings and children’s leggings in their range. From the quality of these sports leggings, I have no doubt their everyday leggings would be perfect too. I will be buying some new leggings from them in the near future as I know these are going to last well.

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