*Review* Po-Zu Porg lace up sneakers

I know #Maythe4thbewithyou day was last week however you may have seen my fantastic new shoes from Po-Zu.

Let me introduce you to my new Porg lace-up sneakers from Po-Zu, how amazing are these!

*Review* Po-Zu Porg lace up sneakers

Before I tell you more about them let me share a little bit more on the company, Po-Zu. As if you are like me you may not have heard of them before.

Po-Zu make an amazing selection of shoes that are ethically made from sustainable materials. The entire sole is made from locally sourced Fair-Trade rubber, certified by the Fair Rubber Association. They are even vegan friendly too.

The thought and details from start to finish are done in a way that is protecting the environment and the people that make them. Here is a short video on how they make their new range Butterfly.

Now back to the shoes!

We are big Star Wars fans in this household so when these arrived there was lots of ooh’s and ahh’s, so much so that the kids are trying to see if they can steal mine.

From the range I had the choice to pick from the Porg design or the Millennium Falcon design, I’ll be honest it was a tough choice as both looked amazing. However, after watching the film how could I not go with the Porg’s?!

*Review* Po-Zu Porg lace up sneakers

The design is well printed and clear and you can see from the craftmanship that these shoes are built to last.

Since having my double foot operation I have to be careful which shoes I pick to ensure they protect my feet however from the moment I put these on they were incredibly comfortable. I don’t actually think I’ve ever had a pair of shoes before these that have not given me sore feet from the first few wears, these never did. I have worn them out no problem and really found them comfortable to wear.

*Review* Po-Zu Porg lace up sneakers

This is just one pair in the range they have and lots of their shoes are also unisex which is great too. These ones are £59 however like I said they have a great range to pick from too. My next favourite are the Rey high boots, they are on the wish list!

As for the kids, I’m sure I will be back-ordering from Po-Zu in the not too distant future for their choices. You can see the full Star Wars range on Po-Zu here.

Thank you, Po-Zu, for not only introducing me to your brand but for gifting me such fab sneakers!

*Review* Po-Zu Porg lace up sneakers

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