*Review* SET, the family game of visual perception

*Review* SET, the family game of visual perception

The last game we have received as part of the Asmodee UK – Blogger Board Game Club is called SET.

In this game, the winner is the player who identifies the most sets of 3 cards from the 12 that are put down on the table.

*Review* SET, the family game of visual perception

So to begin this game the dealer shuffles the deck and puts 12 cards face up in the middle of the table. It is then down to the players to find the SET of 3 cards from those on the table.

Once you spot a set you shout out SET and then show your competitors your SET. If it is a true set then you can claim those 3 cards and get your point. The dealer then puts down 3 new cards to replace the 3 you have collected.

If you have incorrectly called out SET you do not collect the cards and in turn, lose 1 point.

If you all agree you can see no more SETS then the dealer can draw 3 more cards, these are not replaced when the next SET is found.

*Review* SET, the family game of visual perception

Now you are probably wondering what creates a SET?

There are quite a few options for this, they include:

  • All 3 cards have the same colour or they are all different colours
  • All 3 cards are the same shape or they are all different
  • All 3 have the same shading or again they are all different.

Once you get going it is not to difficult to spot the sets, it’s just whether you can spot them in time!

Like Who Did It, this game is easy to get going and play plus comes in a compact packaging again which make it another great game to travel with.

We have enjoyed playing this game and it is one that the kids like to play in between doing other things as it doesn’t take too long to play but it can also be set up really quickly too.

Another firm favourite in this household!

We have been gifted this game, however, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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