*Review* Submarine Safari, Lanzarote

For DaddyVsWork 30th Birthday I was trying to find something we could do for the day that we would remember for a long time. We had our dinner booked at a restaurant with a surprise cake but the day needed something too.

Since booking the holiday I had been in two minds whether to do the Submarine Safari and whether the kids would really appreciate the trip as it was not one of the cheaper trips.

The lovely Rosemary assured me that we would love it and arranged the whole trip for us, with a little surprise thrown in for DaddyVsWork!

On the day of our trip, we were told where to catch our coach (which is all in the price tag) and headed off for our trip. All we told the kids as we were off to meet Nemo, they didn’t really understand why until the coach arrived!

Submarine Safari

After our trip on the lovely air-conditioned coach, we arrived in the rather gorgeous Puerto Calero. The harbour was a site to remember as all the boats were docked and basked in the beaming sunshine.

Submarine Safari

We were taken to the Submarine Safari shop for our safety briefing and had 20 minutes to do what we wished around the harbour before heading to the submarine. If you get a chance I would recommend looking around in Puerto Calero where the Submarine shop is as it is a lovely place to visit and just take in the site.

After our time was up we headed off to the submarine with 2 very excited toddlers. On the way in you have the chance to have a picture taken, these cost €8 which are purchased in the shop but are well worth it. Ours is one of the few of us as a family of 4 on holiday and is a great reminder of our trip.

To get into the submarine you do have to go down a ladder which is pretty steep, however, we negotiated it with 2 toddlers with no real issues.

The submarine itself is very cool, there is a row of seats on either side with a porthole window between 2 seats. The cabin pressure is the same as on land so there is no need to worry about popping ears either.

The submarine descends to a depth of about 100 feet and at which time you get to see the bottom of the sea from a whole different angle.

On our trip, we saw a whole array of fish plus several shipwrecks at the bottom of the sea which Kayleigh and Ethan were convinced were pirate ships!

Once you reach the bottom of the sea they have a diver who comes round to each window with the fish following! This gives you a chance to see even more fish or birthday wishes!

Submarine Safari

Submarine Safari Submarine Safari Submarine Safari

Then you turn around and head back to the surface seeing the other side of the sea that you didn’t see on the way down. It is pretty amazing seeing all the fish darting in and out of the rocks and sea bed.

When you are almost at the top they start playing the song you’d expect … Yellow Submarine…. yes, I did sing along!

You then disembark and have time to pop to their shop or the surrounding shops in the area before you head back to the coach. The only thing I would say is to make sure you head back to the shop, even if you didn’t have a picture done or want to buy anything, everyone gets a dive certificate free of charge and it’s a great lasting memory of what we did yet so many people left theirs behind!

We had the most amazing time on the submarine and I would recommend anyone going to Lanzarote to do this at least once, it is something to treasure.

This review is my own thoughts and opinions, we did not receive any special treatment or discount in return for this review. It was just something we loved doing on our holiday and wanted to share.