*Review* Wave Hotel, Butlins Bognor Regis

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Butlins Ambassador Badge

Being a Butlins ambassador mean’t we were fortunate enough to be able to take a 3 or 4 night break at any of the Butlins sites we liked and we could book for up to 6 people.

We knew we would like to go to the Bognor Regis site as this was the closest to us and as we could take 2 more people we decided to take Nanny and Grandad with us to give us another point of view on our little trip.

Before booking I spoke to the Butlins team to decide where to stay. Kayleigh and Ethan are little monkey’s so their room needed to have a door on it for bedtime, in the end it was advised to book the Wave Hotel as their rooms have the doors and so it was booked!

Butlins Butlins

Luckily for us the next Butlins Ambassador meet was arranged for the weekend before we arrived which mean’t we were able to have a full 7 nights at Butlins!

Arriving at the Wave, I was impressed by the size and sleek style it had. It certainly sets a tone in reception as to what you should be expecting from the hotel. On the ground floor you can find a bar, reception, toilets and the games room packed full of the latest consoles and gadgets.

Our room for the 6 of us was actually a Reef Apartement. This came with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a living room/Kitchen area.

It pretty much had everything you could ask for in an apartment, we found there was more than enough storage for the six of us to use. Also the maid services daily ensured our bathrooms were cleaned and new towels left.

In the kitchen you had a cooker/oven, dishwasher, fridge and a microwave so everything you could need if you decided to cook for yourself.

The only thing I wasn’t keen on in apartment 2 was our dining table was tiny! It was a 4 seater round table which no way could fit all of us round. Maybe we was spoilt by the large 6 seater table in apartment 1!

Dining Room
Dining Room
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Just some of the storage
Just some of the storage


Living Room
Living Room

There was nothing in terms of the apartment that I could really complain about however there was a few niggles that came with our stay.

Because our bookings were done as 2 separate bookings it unfortunately meant that on the Monday morning we had to move from apartment 1 which was on the 7th floor down to the 4th floor. I will be honest I was relieved to move from the top floor. Not only because I am not keen on heights but above our apartment on the top floor there was what we can only assume was the air conditioning and it rumbled all day and night into the apartment like a vibration which made sleeping really hard!

Then came the whole confusion on bags. We were originally told we wouldn’t be moving so we all unpacked. Then it came out that we would be moving but our bags would be collected from our first apartment then moved. Once packed we left our belongings in the first apartment and checked out. We got a call a few hours later to say we could collect the key for our new apartment which we did to find our bags were not there. When I called down to reception it turned out they were expecting us to take our belongings with us and then take them back in to our next apartment when we could get in.

Eventually our bags were reunited in our new apartment, however by this point I couldn’t be bothered to unpack and lived out of our suitcases!

Another thing I found a bit odd was you couldn’t lock the front door, you can lock it so no one can come in from outside however it is always open from the inside. I assume this is to do with a fire precaution which is fine however with 2 toddlers who could reach the door handle it made me a bit unnerved at bed time just in case one decided to sleep walk.

All in all we had a good stay in the Wave hotel and there was nothing that would put us off staying here again.

I have a video tour of our apartment coming soon! Next up is our review on the dining options at Butlins, Bognor Regis.

This review was based on a stay given to us by Butlins as part of our Butlins Ambassador role, however all opinions are our own thoughts.

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