*Review* YorkTest FoodScan Junior Programme

Regular readers of the blog will know that I recently did an intolerance test with YorkTest.

From this I have been able to cut out the items I am intolerant to and start to look after my gut again which has been great.

This month YorkTest have just launched a new product to the market and we were lucky enough to be able to try it.

Their new product FoodScan Junior Programme is aimed at testing the tolerance to 113 food and drink items for children aged 2 – 18 years old.

With the kids its so much harder to tell if they are suffering an intolerance compared to myself. For example I know if I’m feeling tired its because I’ve had a rough nights sleep or done too much however with the kids its hard to tell how they’ve slept during the night.

So I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect with the results of these tests.

Just like the test I did, once you’ve ordered a pack from YorkTest, you do a quick and simple test at home.

Now I wont say it was easy get it done with 2 kids.

I’m not kidding, I have 2 children who are happy to twist a wobbly tooth till it falls out but a blob of blood on a wand was like the world was falling down! However when they had calmed down it was done within a matter of minutes.

Think mountain, molehill….

With both samples in the post, we just had to wait for the results.

Again like my test the results were back within a week, which is amazing considering the postage & testing times involved.

I was expecting both to come back as all clear but imagine my surprise when it turned out that Kayleigh was borderline intolerant to gluten and Ethan was intolerant to cows milk. Both things are in food that they eat on a daily basis and cows milk the have lots of in cheese, yoghurts etc on a daily basis as we always thought it was good for their growing bones!

So now we start the whole process of eliminating these items out of their diets to help reset the balance in their tummies. I’m so pleased that we were able to do these tests as we would never have known!

The FoodScan Junior is £250 however if it comes back all clear YorkTest will refund you £225, so you only pay for the test. For the cost you get your test plus 2 30 minute calls with a nutritionist to discuss the outcome of the tests. What you get and the peace of mind it brings, in my eyes, make it well worth its cost.




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