Running… it’s getting easier!

So I’ve been running for just over a week, every morning no fail (apart from yesterday & today!)

Over the Easter weekend I increased my distance to just over 1.1 miles, it might not sound like very much however at 6am it is a long old run, especially with the lovely great British weather!

I’m going for the more consistant running than distance. I would rather run every day 1 mile than every 3 days 3 miles as I find that I keep my motivation going whilst I’m doing it daily.

I won’t lie though, its not easy!

Who wants to get out of bed in the morning anyway then add the fact I start work at 8, its hard getting going sometimes but I am.


I’m starting to feel a bit fitter and managing to maintain my running speed.

Last week I set a sub 10 minute mile run so that’s my target now. Its a little easier said than done though when where  I live its mainly all up hill until you turn around and come back.


Food wise I’m trying to be a bit better but I’m refusing to go on some sort of crash diet.

I tend to have a bowl of cereal for breakfast followed by a salad and yoghurt for lunch and then some dinner. I am still having the odd bit of chocolate or ice cream plus I’m still drinking some fizzy drinks occasionally.

In the past I’ve found diets are great until I come off them and eat everything I wasn’t allowed!

Something must be working though as the first week saw a 2lb weight loss. I’m not looking to lose much weight though, just tone up and fit comfortably into my clothes.

With less than a year till our big day I need to keep focused and remember that it may seem hard but don’t give up!

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