Running my way into “The” dress

So the wedding is just over 10 months away and now its time to start getting fit and toned for “The” dress.

You know THE one!

It’s the most expensive dress I’ll ever own (not that I own many) and it is stunning however there are a few areas that I want to work on to make sure it fits perfectly.

So I’m back running and I am literally planning on running my way into my dress!

Running is the only exercise I’ve found which I don’t mind doing and doesn’t put any stress on my shoulder. Personally I find it easier for me to get up and run in the morning before everyone gets up then I know it’s done and dusted for the day, you are probably thinking I’m mad, I won’t lie I have to kick myself out the house but once I’m running it’s not too bad.

I just turn up my running list on spotify and get into the zone, before I know it I’m home.

So I’ve set the target, I have 10 months to go..

I want to be able to run without getting jelly legs at the end and get up the hills without walking.

I’ve also taken some before pictures so I can compare as I go along (these were taken last weekend but I’ve only ran 3 times since then!)Wedding FitnessWedding  Fitness


Wedding Fitness

After 2 children I’ve got a few lumps and bumps that I can hide on a day to day basis but the dress would not be so forgiving!

So the aim is to lose a few pounds but more importantly tone up.

Running doesn’t really come easy to me (though I used to run cross country) and so far its not really going to plan. Firstly there was the ankle injury and then yesterday I managed to trip and put a hole in my new trousers, I was not impressed! I’ve had to stitch them up for the minute as I refuse to buy another pair with the wedding funds! Grrrr….

Running Running

So 3 days in, 3.75 miles have been run and it can only get easier, right?!

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