Saga #GiftToFamily

Appreciation and thank you goes a long way and I am very grateful for the love and support I have received this year following my operation. Especially from my family who have had to run around and do everything whilst I have recovered.

So when I was given the chance to gift back to a loved one as part of Saga’s #GiftToFamily campaign they were the first that I wanted to say thank you to.

Kayleigh and Ethan have been amazing throughout this year and in August after my operation they helped out so much around the home from helping to load the washing in and out or simple things such as bringing me a drink.

They never complained or said no, just got on with it as best they could do, especially as they lost out on the end of the summer holiday due to us being housebound.

Looking around I wanted to get them something a bit different but something equally I knew that they would love, once it was found, it was just a case of waiting for that perfect moment to let them know:

It has been lovely to give back after receiving much and a huge thank you to Saga for allowing me to do so, even if Ethan’s favourite thing was the box!

They are currently promoting their equity release service which allows people over the age of 55 to release some of the equity that may be tied up in their homes. This could be for home improvements, to treat a love on or for that holiday of a life time. It is completely up to you.

So if you are over the age of 55 it may be worth considering it.

If not but you do want to say thank you to a family member or a loved one, why not surprise them with a little gift or even a surprise dinner one night?

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