Staying sane in the school holidays

School holidays can be a bit of a nightmare, for me its childcare issues as 25 days holiday over a year doesn’t even come close to the amount of school holidays there are.

However many are facing keeping children entertained on a tighter budget this half term and myself along with other bloggers we’re asked by Attractiontix to give our top tips on things to do with the kids over the half term and there are some great tips on there.

My tip for you all was:

As a family sit down and make a fun plan of activities you can do throughout the week, this works especially well if you have more than one child as everyone gets to do something they really enjoy. Things like baking, crafting and trips to the park are fun but also low-cost for filling up the holidays.

One thing we’ve done as a family over the last 6 months is to introduce weeks for Kayleigh and Ethan, so one week it is Kayleigh’s week the next it’s Ethan and so on.

During there week they can pick the film or game on family night, chose who sits where for breakfast, who’s first for bath, you get the idea of it. This was suggested by Daddy¬†Vs Work after the fact they used to argue all the time about who was holding my hand or getting in the bath first.

This has given them both the respect to understand its not always just their way things can be done but also that they have learnt to share so much more. So Kayleigh will do something first for a few days then let Ethan have his chance to go first.

I think this could be rolled out amongst other things too such as the school holidays.

Every child is different and they will all want to do different things at the same time, if you let them pick an activity to do on a set day it gives them something to look forward to without any arguments breaking out.

Also look to fill out your days with cheaper activities such as baking or crafting, if you are after a bit of piece why not get some popcorn in and out a movie on!

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