Scared of the Dentist …

Is anyone else scared of the dentist? Not the children, I mean adults?

I know it’s completely irrational but I am petrified. It took me years to go to a dentist when I became an adult and I needed a fair bit of work doing, the dentist I had was great and managed to do the work without me needing to be knocked out. From then on I was ok to go to my check up’s and have work done when needed. I won’t say I wasn’t scared but I was able to cope.

Since last week I’ve had tooth ache, where my wisdom tooth is, so after a week of pain I finally called the dentist today to get an appointment to be told he had retired! Yep that’s right my dentist, the only one I really trusted has retired…

So now I will have to go tomorrow to see what my new dentist is like and start all over, I panic the moment I get near and catch that dentist smell… my heart starts to race and i get all hot and sweaty!

Please tell me I’m not the only one petrified of the dentist?!


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