*Sponsored Video* Drinkaware, are you ready?

Lets face it, when it comes to parenting you face hurdles at what ever age your children are. First your start with the simple hurdles of sleep routines and potty training, then it gets a bit more serious with career choices and making them ready for the world on their own.

This scares me a little.

I know they need to learn their independence and grow into their own person, however there is so many obstacles teenagers face now its making them aware of the world and what faces them.

The thing that worries me the most is them being influenced by their friends into smoking or drinking or even worse drugs which is why I love the new Drinkaware campaign. Its aim is to enable us as parents to make informed choices to help our children understand the influences of drink. They are there to help you deal with those tricky questions younger children may have.

We all know the effects of drink & having a hangover but do we really know the serious long-term effects of drinking? Could you explain to your youngster what could happen to them if they drink too much other than just having a hangover?

Drinkaware are trying to help us broach the subject at a younger age, helping us to be open and honest & answer any questions that children may have. Research has shown that children as young as 7 understand the effects of alcohol so it’s never to young to start talking to them about it.

I plan to talk to Kayleigh & Ethan when they are old enough to understand, not to put them off having alcohol but to enable them to make their own decision about their consumption and hopefully they will be responsible.

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