Stash those kids toys in ingenious storage

If you’ve ever tripped over a toy truck in the stairway or accidentally sat on a doll, you know the importance of making sure that your children’s toys have their very own place to reside. But how can you make sure that they make it back there when playtime is over?

The trick to getting children to clean up promptly is providing them with lots of storage options that are easy and fun. Some homeowners prefer to take the do-it-yourself approach and create their own storage, but there are still plenty of options, such as Achica, for those of us who don’t have the creative bent. Read ahead for five easy toy storage ideas.

Think “up”! You may think that there are only a few possibilities for toy storage, including tucked away or out in the open on the ground. But for collectable items or toys that are more for visual enjoyment than actual playtime, why not make them descend from the ceiling? This ingenious decorating tip is sure to be a hit with the kids, and all you need to pull it off is a little fishing line.

Spruce up some stock cabinets. If you go to discount home builders, you just may be able to find stock cabinets or custom cabinets that were previously built for another home for a deep discount. Just one or two units can be enough to get your kids’ rooms organised, and you can make them their own by painting them fun colours and attaching bright appliques.

Acquire storage items piece by piece. And if you can’t find cabinets or don’t have the time for a new do-it-yourself project, you can find beautifully designed storage solutions at a retailer like Achica Homeware From wooden shelves to canvas bins, you can mix and match pieces to create an original storage solution for your kids’ rooms that is both chic and unique.

Use the kids’ toys for decoration. Especially in their bedroom, you’ll need a few odds and ends to brighten up the place and make it feel jovial, anyway. So don’t put everything away. You can stack colourful blocks neatly or whimsically to make a style statement, and a doll collection is a perfect way to add interest to a little girl’s shelves.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Before you throw those old containers away, think about whether you can use them for your kids’ toys. CD cases can help keep Barbie’s accessories in one place, and those old plastic baskets that used to hold your berries are great for holding markers and crayons. If you have a wicker basket lying around, a little red and blue paint will make it fitting for holding all of your little one’s toy trucks.

Just remember, when it comes to children’s storage, ease of access and fun to look rule the day. With all of these clean-up options, your kids may surprise you by becoming even tidier angels than they are right now.