Stopping Time

Do you ever feel like the world is spinning and you just want to jump off (no I don’t mean when you’ve had one to many :P)

Next month Ethan turns 2. Yup it was 2 years ago since I went through a pretty stressful time of the ECV then the c-section. It means that it was over 2 years ago that I was last pregnant. Where has that time gone?!

Don’t get me wrong I have no intentions of having anymore children it just seems so long ago since that period of my life!

I feel like I need to step of this whole carousel with my family & freeze time for a little while. Time is going too quick & I’m scared I’m missing out on things. Lets face it, I’m never going to experience some of these “firsts” again so I need to grab them with both hands.

It was only yesterday that I saw my midwife 2 days after my due date with Kayleigh, I even remember what I had for lunch that day. Funny what you remember. I couldn’t tell you what I did yesterday but I can tell you all about the day I went into labour with Kayleigh or the time I went in for Ethan’s c-section. Strange.

So if you have a pause button… hand it over, I’m ready to pause time for a while so I can take it all in 🙂

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