Stunning destinations for a dream trip

Everyone looks forward to a big adventure. Especially if there’s a long wait in store before your date of travel, it’s your first ever trip, or it’s been years since your last retreat. After all, the anticipation of just how much fun the trip is going to be is part of what makes it so exciting. But where should you go for a truly unforgettable time? As an incentive travel organiser CR Events know a lot about planning unforgettable trips, here they share some top tips and locations that you might not have thought of but might be perfect for you.

Taking in the sights

Perhaps you’re wanting to track down some unique and breathtaking views during your holiday? If so, Australia could be a perfect option for you in that case.

Whether it’s taking a dive to witness the Great Barrier Reef, or taking a stroll to see some of Australia’s unique architecture such as the Sydney opera house, there’s sure to be something that’s perfect for you.

For something truly breathtaking in scope, you could also take an excursion to the gargantuan Ayer’s Rock. Witnessing this natural monolith up close is sure to be an unforgettable memory for a long time to come.

Basking in sunshine

If you’re feeling in the mood for something a little more energetic, but want to balance it with a little relaxation too, then you might consider a trip to the island of Zante.

It may have a reputation as a party destination, but there is a wealth of beautiful accommodation to choose from that will leave you comfortable and well-rested, without being too far away from the entertainment.

Maybe you’ve had a night out on the famous ‘Zante Strip’, which provides a wide range of themed bars and clubs for any tastes, and you’d like a relaxing morning to recover?

As an island, Zante has a number of beautiful beaches that are perfect for sunbathing and taking a swim.

There are also some particularly unique and unforgettable events that you can experience in Zante. For example, the beach is well known for the migration of Loggerhead turtles, who return to the beaches of Laganas Bay to lay eggs and nest. If you’re lucky, you may be able to spot a few swimming back home while you’re out on the water.

Cultural retreats

Maybe you’re looking for a retreat that’s steeped in centuries of renowned culture and history?

Consider a holiday to places that perhaps reflect some of your own interests. For example:

  • if you’ve got a keen interest in archaeology and ancient history, it could be particularly interesting to take a holiday over to Egypt, taking in the sight of the famous pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx itself.
  • If you see yourself as quite the wine aficionado, then take a trip to France and learn about the history of the craft, and perhaps also learn a little about how the finest wines in the world are brewed.
  • Italy could be a good destination for the budding gourmet chef looking to improve their craft and learn from some of the world’s finest culinary artists

Wherever you jet off to for a retreat, you’re sure to have a uniquely memorable experience that you’ll love, and leave yourself eagerly looking forward to your next dream holiday!

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