Taking a leap of faith….

So you may have noticed apart from reviews and guest posts the blog has been quiet over the last month.

This was down to a couple of things.

Firstly Friday saw the year anniversary of our car accident. It was playing on my mind a bit in the run up then Friday I seemed to wake in a blind panic.

I felt sick and light headed, I asked Daddy Vs Work if we could go the long way round too just to avoid the road we took last year. We in the end went down the road around the same time we did last year to face my fear, however unlike last year Daddy Vs Work drove and our accident never happened.

It was a bit like reliving the whole experience but with a different ending.

I’m just glad that it was over.

Then there is the biggest change in a long time.

Last month work announced they were making redundancies and after a weekend of chatting with Daddy Vs Work he made me realise how unhappy I had been for a while in my job. He also made me realise that now was my chance to do something about it but no matter what I decided he would support me.

I put in for voluntary redundancy and then waited 4 weeks to find out my fate. It’s a hard thing to do when you have a house and children as my decision didn’t affect just me, it would affect the whole family.

Then last Monday the wait was over and I found out it had been accepted and was leaving Friday (yep the same day as the accident anniversary).

It was a bit strange on Friday, it was sad to say goodbye to some friends I’d worked with for almost 8 years however it was an overwhelming sense of relief. A bit like a fresh start, a new beginning.

So where do I go from here?

Currently I’m relaxing and enjoying being unemployed/SAHM however the money we have to survive on is not going to last forever.

I’m back on the job market.

Ideally I want to get away from finance roles and since starting my blog I’ve developed a passion for writing, web design and social media campaigns. I’d love to be able to work from home promoting small businesses and making their facebook page their own little social hub that interacts with their followers however we all know life doesn’t always work out to what you want so I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket.

Well there you have it, now you know why it’s been so quiet. I’m a firm believer in fate though and know something that’s perfect for us is just round the corner, I just had to be brave enough to take that first step.

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