Taking time away as a whole family

Lots of us live busy lives so getting time to see family and friends is often very limited, however have you ever looked at big houses to rent and considered taking time out to holiday together?

It may seem a little daunting at first, especially with lots of different personalities to accommodate however it is not as scary as it may seem. https://www.partyhouses.co.uk/ can help make your life a little easier as they offer accommodation for parties from 10 people and up, in the UK and abroad in Spain.

Here are my top tips for taking time out as a family and getting away with loved ones this summer.

  • Who’s going – First thing you need to work out is who is going? This is the starting point for it all. From here you can work out the size of accommodation needed and the possible locations that would be suitable for you all.
  • Where are you going – Do you have party members that won’t fly or maybe can’t fly for health reasons? Once you have worked this out you can narrow down where you can head to. This combined with your party size means you can filter suitable places to stay on places like Party Houses, then you can make a final selection from there.
  • Location is key – Although the location in terms of getting there is important, so is it’s surrounding. For example, everyone is likely to have different interests so making sure it is well located for a variety of different hobbies and interests is still very important. You don’t want people to feel stuck in the house for example with nowhere locally to visit.
  • Make some plans – Heading away on a group is great but sometimes people can feel a little overwhelmed on what to do and who to spend time with. It is a great idea for people to put in a few plans, whether it be for an excursion day somewhere or just a get together around a BBQ.

For us, one place I would love to take family to visit would be Lanzarote. Since we first visited that has been the one place, we would feel like at home, other than our home. There is just something about the culture and the atmosphere, that allows me to relax completely. I also think it is a place that offers so much for everyone really, the island has a variety of different sports and excursions that can appeal to so many and you don’t need to hire a car to get to many of them. With local buses running regularly and lots of coaches supplied for the various excursions it is easy to get around the island. One of my favourites is the Submarine Safari and I would recommend anyone heading there to try this out. I also wrote a post on my favourite places to visit when you head to Lanzarote, you can check this out here.

If you are heading out as a family for a holiday soon, I hope these tips have helped you out in making the planning a little less stressful.

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