Tapping into the Wedding Market

The wedding industry is huge. Worldwide the market makes billions each year, and it’s a market that you can join. Making your business more wedding-friendly does require some planning and a bit of a design change to keep up with traditional and seasonal trends that weddings follow. The potential for your small business, however, is huge. If you are in the beauty industry, food industry, flower industry, or even in the event industry, then you could flourish by adding wedding options.

To Attract Brides

In many cases, all you need to do to attract wedding planners and brides is to simply cater to the wedding market. This means:

  1. Marketing Yourself

When you want to be known in the wedding industry, you need to market yourself to that industry. If you want the best of both worlds you can easily market yourself towards weddings during wedding seasons, and towards Christmas shoppers, for instance, during the off-peak winter seasons.

  1. Changing Your Look

You can either have a section or you can update your in-store promotional materials to be more wedding friendly. Either way, you want to attract wedding clientele so you need to look the part.

  1. Keeping up with Wedding Trends

You need to have a good selection of traditional options – this could be flowers, it could be tablecloths, it could be decorations. Traditional is always popular, but to stay ahead of the competition you need to keep on top of wedding trends for the season. There are a lot of brides who will look out for these trends, and not too many places will cater to them. 

To Attract the Guests

If you’re business isn’t suited for the big day itself, never fear! There are always the guests to attract. This means that you have a store or business that offers perfect wedding gift options. You could:

  1. Have Special Sales

When you aren’t directly in the wedding industry, you could make a killing by having special discounts and sales when your items are purchased as wedding presents. These sales will likely get you noticed as well, and you could even open the option of a wedding registry if you’re so inclined.

  1. Market Towards Brides

If you have a service that would act as the perfect gift for the bride or groom, then market yourself as one. Start online campaigns, increase your SEO, and generally attract people through social media. You will want to up your game as well. Use a gift certificate maker to create stunning and wedding-worthy gift certificates.

The wedding industry pulls in over $300 billion dollars each year. You can almost always increase your revenue by marketing towards brides or the bridal party. Whether your business can be a part of the big day, or whether your wares or services would make an ideal wedding gift, there is potential. All you need to do is change your marketing focus to include this key demographic – and what’s even better is that the wedding world is personal. Gift shoppers could come to you again for another wedding, or you might be referred by happy brides.

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