Technically And Personally: Working From Home Effectively

Technically And Personally: Working From Home Effectively

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It has become more important than ever to ensure that everything is safe when you are working from home. While there have been plenty of people working from home due to the pandemic and ensuing lockdown, many working parents were already at home full-time. It’s worth taking some inspiration from these parents who have already been doing it. But what are the best lessons we can learn to work from home safely whether you are running a business or doing the regular 9 to 5?

Digital Security Is Vital

If you work from your own computer you’ve got to be savvy with regards to issues like malware or viruses. Having a working knowledge of keeping your computer secure is one thing but if you are running a business you may want to consider getting an extra server. When on the hunt for a virtual private server (VPS) you can find some of the cheapest VPS systems out there right now. Having a VPS can help keep your data that bit more secure.

Limit Personal Use On Work Devices

If you have to use your own device there may be a policy allowing you to use this for work purposes. This is sometimes known as a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy. But this can throw at many security risks. If you don’t feel secure using your device for work purposes it’s important to speak to your employer about this. If you are an employer and you are doing this to save money, you have to incorporate some sort of BYOD plan for your business or, at the very least, ensure that you have an extra layer of security. You can add a different user for business purposes on the same device. This can ensure that work and personal files don’t get intertwined.

Understand The Mental Mountain Of Working From Home

Keeping yourself safe is not just about the technical components but it’s about it showing that you can do your best in this situation. Not everybody is built to work from home. Others thrive in this situation. Whatever your approach is you may believe that at the very outset you will save money on commuting and you won’t have to go far for your lunch, but being locked in like this can make things difficult. Realise that when you work from home that you have to separate your work and your home life as much as possible despite them being under the same roof. Also, consider just what you need to keep yourself sane. When we work at home we’ve got to make sure that we keep track of our own thoughts and feelings. Regular breaks can help but also realising that getting out of the house can be just as important.

Working at home with children or being a working parent, in general, can mean a lot of stress. When you are working from home you’ve got to consider what you need to ensure that you are working effectively, technically, and personally.

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