The benefits of Whey Protein in your diet

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Whey protein can be really beneficial, especially if you are following an exercise programme that either cardio, weight training or endurance.

Whey protein powder is a quick and easy way to increase your protein daily intake and can kick start your recovery phase after exercising.

However, whey protein is a supplement and must not be used as a meal replacement. Its purpose is to speed up the recovery process and boost your immune system rather than a sole source of protein.

When should I take Whey Protein?

You should take around approximately 30g or protein powder mixed with either milk or water and drink within 30 minutes of finishing your fitness session. This will kick start the recovery process by adding more amino acids to your blood stream, so they reach your muscles quicker. Your body will still recovery without the protein powder but will take slightly longer and won’t be as affected than if you took protein.

You don’t have to just drink protein shakes to get the added amino acids into your blood stream. You can also include whey into your meals. There are plenty of recipes out there to try and follow. These can be main meals as well as lighter treats like brownies.

If you have a busy life and are one for bulk cooking and preparing lots of meals at once, then including whey protein into these will also help. Especially if you will eat one of these meals after a workout- saves having a protein shake.

What other health benefits does Whey Protein have?

Building muscle mass and helping with weight loss are the 2 things people associate whey protein to but, in fact there are many other health benefits to taking protein.

  • Excellent source of high-quality protein
  • Whey protein promote muscles growth
  • It can lower blood pressure
  • Can help treat Type 2 diabetes
  • May reduce inflammation
  • Can be beneficial for those suffering from inflammatory bowl dieses
  • Enhances the body’s antioxidants defences
  • Has beneficial effects on blood fats
  • May reduce hunger as its highly satiating
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Source of all 9 amino acids
  • Helps keep the immune system strong

There are lots of valid reasons as to why you should look to incorporating whey protein into your diet.

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