The Best Tips for Getting Your Garden Ready Ahead of Summer

The UK may currently be being battered by storms, but before you know it summer will be here, signalling another heatwave. If you want to get the most out of the hot, sunny weather, now’s the time to start getting your garden ready for the summer months.

Here, you’ll discover some of the best tips for getting your garden ready ahead of summer.

The cleanup

The first task you’re going to have in order to get your garden ready for summer is the clean-up. That is, de-cluttering the garden, raking up any leaves and debris left over from the strong winds, and getting the lawn ready.

You’ll also want to give your patio and stone features a good clean with a jet washer. Just remember to wear safety glasses and to watch out for any loose stones before attempting to jet wash the area. You can pick up all of the cleaning tools you’ll need from top stores such as Coopers of Stortford.

Add colourful plants and flowers

When summer arrives, there’s nothing nicer than relaxing in a garden full of colourful flowers. They can really help to boost the mood, as well as give the garden a beautiful fragrance. You could add colourful plants and flowers in containers on paved areas or plant some summer flowers now so they’ll have time to bloom by summer.

Another way to add colour into the garden is to use brightly coloured ornaments. These can be placed around borders, or in flower beds to add character to the garden.

Make use of solar lighting

As the weather gets warmer, you’re going to want to be able to spend more time in the garden. That means you’ll want a few features to make it more comfortable during the summer nights.

Solar lighting is a great feature to add as it uses the sun’s rays to power up, providing a soft light in the evenings. You could also consider adding a fire feature for the cooler nights, along with a great outdoor dining set, and maybe even a water feature so you can listen to the sound of the water as you relax in the evenings.

The above are just some of the steps you can take to prepare your garden for the summer months. Remember, the more you do now, the nicer the garden will be to relax in once summer arrives.

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