The true cost of family activities for a single parent family

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With the summer holidays here, lots of us are looking for ideas and inspiration for things to do as a family. However, did you know that the cost of doing the same activities vary depending on your family makeup?

Payplan have created this infographic which show’s just how much of an increase there is at various attractions around the UK for families who don’t fit the model of a standard family.

The true cost of family activies for a single parent family #CostOfSingleParenting

In the current climate, is there even a model family? It may have been usual to have 2 parent, 2 children families in the past but now there are so many variations on this. For example, how many families do you know where they do not have 2 children? They may have 1 child or they may 3 or 4.

So it seems really strange that we still penalise people for their family choices, especially at family attractions. Surely we should be looking to invite as many families into attractions as possible. It just does not seem as inclusive as you would think.

It can also have impacts on other families too. If I decide to take the children to the cinema during the holiday whilst Daddy Vs Work is at work I would be paying an additional £12.50, just because he is unable to attend. This just seems madness to me, why can they not offer a discount process where you save the same amount per person irrelevant of how many people are in your party attending?

Not only does this put people off attending attractions but it also financially prices people out of enjoying days out. In a time where it is becoming a challenge for many people to just survive, it seems to me that this method of discount is very unfair to families.

What are your thoughts on this?

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