The day the nation decided

Today we woke to the decision of the nations votes, I’m not talking about some reality TV show though, I’m talking about the general election.

Yesterday I headed to bed with social media shouting “remember to vote, people died for your right to vote” and vote we did (all be it by postal vote last week!) then this morning we woke to social media in uproar at who we had voted for…..

Now I hate politics, as far as I’m concerned they are all as bad as each other. The only people they are concerned about actually helping is themselves and lining their own pockets along the way but we voted for who we thought offered us the best chance at a decent standard of living etc.

Maybe they are not all that bad and I’m a bit dubious of them due to my local MP’s.

None of them have really done anything they have said they will, according to labour 4 years ago (and 4 years before that and I’m pretty sure 4 years before that) they will help my football team Luton Town FC relocate to a new ground, then they get voted in (I’m sure for other reasons too) and then the talk of the stadium disappears until the next general election. On the other side you get the MP’s that fund their 2nd home illegally and walk away without any punishment claiming depression as I ranted about here

But I don’t feel passionately enough about it to really care to be honest.

I think no matter which government gets in we wont be any better off, the schools are over crowded, the NHS is at breaking point and working families it feels like get no help at all especially not at their times of need.

Do I think a Labour or any other party would make significant changes for us to actually notice anything? Not really no.

What I do think though is everyone has their freedom of speech. Why should people be ranted at if they voted Conservatives or any other party? Surely its down to them to decide who they feel is the best party to run the country? Was that not the whole point of people being given the freedom to vote?

I’m all for friendly debate on politics however that’s where it ends, its each individuals decision on who they voted for and why, no one should be told otherwise.

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