The Dummy Has Left the Building

I admit, both of mine have had their dummies or dum dum’s as we used to call them.

It wasn’t the plan when we found out we were expecting Kayleigh but I got some “just in case” and it ended up that both of them had them.

With Kayleigh we binned the dummies the day I finished work to start my maternity leave with Ethan, she was 19 Months at this point. She had only been using them for night times for a few months by this point but it still meant she had to settle herself to sleep without it. After the first 2 nights she was fine with it.

Ethan on the other hand loved his dum dums. He hated being without it day or night. Though he was different or clever you could say as he used to hide his dum dums!

No matter how many times you took it off him he would find another one hidden away. a bit like a secret stash.

That was until last weekend though, when he had hidden them all and I just could not find them. No matter where I looked I couldn’t find them anywhere!

So that was it, I was refusing to buy any more and Ethan was refusing to stop screaming, it was a stand-off. Eventually he got on with the rest of the day but it was the night-time I was worried about.

The 1st night it took him 45 minutes to go to sleep, night 2 took 20 minutes, night 3 5 minutes and now a full week on we have 2 children that are dummy less!

He doesn’t even look for them anymore, so at 14 months they are gone. He’s already stopped taking from a bottle so the last thing is the nappies then we are out of all the “baby” things.

Where is the time going?! This time 3 years ago I was just over a month from giving birth to Kayleigh, now I have 2 toddlers!

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