The pressure that parenthood puts on relationships

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Relationships require effort from both parties to keep going, it is a combination of love, laughter, highs and lows. Then throw into the mix becoming a parent and the pressure intensifies.

Without realising it, the stress of parenting can have many different impacts on relationships. This could be both emotionally and physically, with many relationships struggling in the bedroom over time as tiredness creeps in. It takes effort on both sides to keep a relationship going and if there are any problems that you are open and honest with everything. Letting things fester under the surface can lead to real problems. In women, it can be emotional issues and outbursts, for men it can be problems in the bedroom.

Both of which can be resolved pretty easily, the open conversation can help with many of these issues and if there is still a problem in the bedroom, Sildenafil can help. There is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to relationships.

If you have found your relationship strained since becoming parents, here are my tips for making your relationship better.

  • Honesty – Your relationship will not survive if built on lies and secrets. Being open from the start will help it in so many ways. Your partner should be the one you turn to when you need them. No matter how low or emotional you are feeling, you need to have that support always.
  • Time – Take time out as a couple to do things that you enjoy together, even if that is just snuggling up on the sofa to watch your favourite TV program. Remember why you feel in love and what made you feel special with each other. Life runs away with time, so you will have to make time yourself.
  • Support – Be your partners biggest cheerleader, when they have an idea or suggestion, hear them out. When times get tough in work or family, support them through that time. Build up their confidence in what they are doing and let them lean on you for support when it is needed.

As a couple, you are a team, whether this is just the two of you or as a family. When time becomes short because of family or work, it can become tough to remember why you became that team. Just remember those good times and make more amazing memories along the way.

The pressure that parenthood puts on relationships

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