The Transferrable Skills All Parents Pick Up

When you become a parent, you tend to pick up transferable skills as you help your kids on their journey through life. These skills could even be put on your CV and used to land new job roles that you may not have been qualified for before becoming a parent. Seriously; parenting is hard work, you grow and learn as a person, and you should be proud of your new transferable skills! Not sure what skills you’ve picked up? We outline them below.


Leadership Qualities And Skills

You need to show your child the way when you’re a parent, and this means you’re guiding and leading them through life. You’ll learn to influence your children to get them to do what you want them to do, and you can then apply these skills to a job that you go into later on.

Time Management

When you become a parent, knowing the value of time and using it wisely is imperative. You need to get kids to school on time, be on time for appointments, and make sure you can fit everything into your day in general. Usually, you’ll be forced to do this under extreme conditions (like sleep deprivation!).

You Become A Mentor

You will be your child’s own personal mentor. You’ll give them advice, whether they are starting school or going for their first part time job as a teenager. It’s your job to inspire your kids and make sure they are doing their best. If you can do this for others, too, then you’ve definitely got a transferable skill. If you find that you really enjoy mentoring and communicating with children, you might even look into an online masters in school counseling. In a role like this, you’ll be working with children daily, helping them to sort out their feelings and come up with goals.

You’re Great At Communication And Negotiating

Being able to negotiate as a parent is a must. You need to look out for both the needs of your child and the needs of yourself, and find ways to come up with solutions that suit everybody.

Not only will you get great at negotiating, your communication skills will improve. You’ll be able to communicate with people of varying ages and abilities, as you’ll be speaking to your children all day long and likely liaising with teachers, too.

You Learn To Stay Calm Under Pressure

What happens to you is one thing, but how you react to it is another thing entirely. Being able to stay calm and keep things in perspective is a huge skill when you’re a parent, and definitely something that can make you more desirable in the workplace. You tend to make better decisions when you’re calmer, too, as the brain works differently under stress.

You’re Creative

You have to be creative when you’re a parent. You need to come up with fresh ways to keep your kids occupied when they’re bored or grumpy. You might be coming up with new games and activities on a daily basis. You’ll also need to get creative when something throws your routine off balance. Some days will be more challenging than others, but your creativity will make things all the more manageable. Out of the box thinking helps both at home and in a work environment!

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