The Up’s & Down’s of 2012

So another year has passed and it has been a bit of a rollercoaster. Since I’ve hardly blogged in the last 3 months I thought I’d gather it all in one place!


  • This Blog – It has gone from strength to strength this year. Not sure what I’m doing but I’m going to try to keep on doing it! We’ve had some amazing opportunities and I intend to make the most of them whilst I can.
  • Kayleigh – She has come on leaps and bounds this year. Her ears have been a bit of an issue this year however she was given the all clear a few months ago. Although they suspect the glue ear is back! She also had an amazing birthday party for her 4th Birthday and just loved being the party girl!
  • Ethan – His speech has developed really quickly this year. Also although I’ve not had a chance to blog about it yet he has ended the year by becoming potty trained! I’m so proud of how quickly he picked it up, even if the timing couldn’t have been worse. He also starts pre-school Monday so he is no longer my baby but my little boy.


  • Our boiler going pop – 4 Weeks before Christmas the boiler went bang. Thankfully it got repaired but not before costing us almost £600! Not good timing but what could we do?
  • Closing Little Fancy Feet – I had to close the store after the accident as I couldn’t dedicate any time to it and so far it is yet to re-open. I will do, when I’m feeling stronger.
  • The accident – This probably has been the hardest part of the year so far. It is still a big issue but this year I’m determined to get out the other side of it! I’m still having physio and taking anxiety tablets but I’ve learnt a lot from the whole thing and am more sure than ever I will get back to my old self!

So there you have a few highlights we had from 2012. The last thing I’m going to do is set myself some targets. Not resolutions as such but goals I want to get to and break this year!

2013 Goals & Dreams

  • Reach the top 100 in the Tots 100 ranking – My ebuzzing ranking jumps around but normally in the top 20 so all I need to do is work on my Tots score. I will tell you it doesn’t matter what rank I am but to see myself in the top 100 would be a dream.
  • Work out what I want from a career – I am still jumping around when it comes to my career, however I know there is likely to be a dream career out there… I just need to work out what!
  • Enjoy some family time – I’m looking forward to getting away with the kids and Daddyvswork this year. Also now I’m officially back working a 5 day week I want to spend the time between home time and the kids bed time with them. Whether it be playing silly games, snuggling to watch a film or just baking, that time is their time.
  • Get finances & fitness in order – Both are in need of an overhaul and this year is the year to do it!

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