Taking time out as a couple after having children

Our children are the centre of our lives, let’s be honest. Everything pretty much revolves around them and then everything else slots in around it.

However, this can be tough on your relationship.

Most kids are on the go from 6am-ish and don’t really stop until 8pm. Throw in everyday life and stresses that come with it, relationships can take the backseat most of the time.

For us, with me now working at home I’m hoping it allows us that more flexibility in spending time together more, especially during the day when the kids go to the school! Before I was out at work all day and some nights working till 10-11pm on my blog etc, so time has been really limited.

I would if we could afford it in the future I would like to take a weekend away without the kids. We could then head up north to do a bit of exploring as we’ve only been to Manchester over 5 years ago.

One place I wouldn’t mind visiting is Liverpool.

I’ve read how much there is to do there and Liverpool ONE is packed full of amazing places to eat and shop. I’ve heard that Byron serves the best burgers around, so I’d love to give them a try!

As well as the likes of Byron, Liverpool ONE is the ones stop shop to spend a day out. As well as the amazing shops to do a bit of shopping on your trip, they have a great selection of bars and restaurants so you can make a whole day out in the one place. Based in the heart of the city too, there is sure to be something for everyone to do and enjoy with easy access from where you are staying.

I am looking forward to going somewhere that we are spoiled for choice on food and can select from a whole range of cuisines depending on our mood that day. There is a great mix of restaurants too so if you are on a lazy weekend away or a celebratory trip, there is something for everyone’s budget!

Just a weekend away where we don’t have to worry about entertaining the kids or worry about having a lie in till 10am as we only have our own stomachs to worry about.

Don’t get me wrong, being a parent is the best job in the world, I wouldn’t want any other one.

I just would like a couple of days to step back, recharge my batteries and get ready to go again. Just taking time out as a couple to focus on us and laugh/talk about things other than spelling tests and homework would be a real treat.

What is your best tips for taking time out as a couple after having children?

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