Time to take every moment in!

“In a minute”

“Let me just finish this”

“Just one more thing then I’ll be there”

Sound a bit like you? It was me on repeat!

I am doing far too much, don’t get me wrong, I’m not stressed or worked up but I’m annoyed. I’m annoyed at myself by wasting Kayleigh and Ethan’s childhood with petty little things that really could wait!

If your following us on Facebook you may have noticed 2 weeks ago I went quiet at the weekend, this weekend I went one step further and said goodnight on Friday not to return till the Monday morning. Don’t get me wrong, I’m around but now I switch the laptop off and put the iPhone down so I can’t get distracted.

I’m not saying I’m a perfect parent in any way shape or form. We still snuggle on the sofa to watch a bit of tv or just go for a walk but I’m taking in so much more of them.

Just the way they make each other laugh, their cheeky smiles, the way they play. All moments in time we are never going to get back. We are learning so much from each other.

They are learning words, numbers and colours. Plus how to bake! I’m learning to relax, not take life too seriously and just to generally chill out. No one can see me being silly when we dance to the music channels turned up loud and to be honest, I couldn’t give two hoots if they could!

So from now on I wont be online over the weekend whilst the kids are up and awake, I’m going to take every minute that I’m given just to let everything go and be silly funny mummy. If they want to play tag, we’ll play tag. If they want to play hide and seek, we’ll play hide and seek.

All I know is I’m going to treasure every minute that I get, once its gone you can’t get it back so don’t waste it!


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