Tips For Maintaining Important Friendships Through A Busy Life

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Maintaining friendships can be challenging in a busy life. It is hard to find the time and energy needed for all of your friends. Here are some tips on how you can stay connected with your friends while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Set Aside Time To Connect

One of the best ways to keep in touch with friends is by setting up a monthly brunch. Once a month, get together for breakfast or lunch and make it mandatory that everyone comes. This way, you can enjoy quality time connecting without having other distractions like work interfere. You could also set up regular times during the week to have phone calls or meet up during the day for coffee. Additionally, you could make it a point to meet up once a week for dinner at your house or theirs. Finally, if you are extremely busy, setting up a Zoom call might even do the job.

Tips For Maintaining Important Friendships Through A Busy Life

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Plan Ahead

Since we all lead busy lives, finding the time and energy for regular visits with friends can be challenging. Try planning activities that you know fit nicely into your schedule, like dinner parties or potlucks. This way, you will have a healthy activity already included in your day while also building up friendships at the same time. You can also use a website or app like Doodle to help you plan and find days that everyone is available.

Change Up Your Routine

If you find yourself constantly going to the same places with friends, try changing things up. For example, if you always meet at a restaurant or bar for drinks after work, consider meeting earlier in the day and taking a walk instead. This way, everyone can enjoy catching up in a different way. You can also take advantage of different seasons and plan hikes in the summer or walks through the park in autumn.

Make An Effort To Stay In Touch

It is easy for friendships to slowly fade away, especially if you are busy. Try making a routine of texting or calling your friends once a week to say hello and ask how they are doing. You can also plan monthly events that everyone needs to be at, like birthday celebrations or game nights, so that relationships do not fade.

Remember What Is Important To Them

The most important part of keeping friendships in a busy life is remembering what your friends want. For example, if they need help moving, offer to drive with them and bring some extra hands from other friends who can also come along. Or, if you know that someone likes yoga or going on hikes, suggest making time for this activity together one weekend when everyone has the time. You should also take the time to go above and beyond for your friends just as they would do for you. For example, try to arrange for a gift delivery on meaningful dates like birthdays and anniversaries.

The key to maintaining friendships is to be organized, proactive, and willing to try new things. If you follow these tips, your social life will flourish while still allowing you time for yourself. You don’t want to make friends or maintain friendships to feel like a chore.


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