Tips for travelling with youngsters

The summer holidays are here and a lot of us are heading out into the sunshine!

Taking little ones abroad can be quite daunting, I admit to being a bit anxious of taking Kayleigh and Ethan on their first trip abroad but there is no real need to be. A little bit of planning and a lot of relaxing is all it takes to make it a memorable trip.

Here are a few tips to taking your little ones out into the sunshine:

1) Pick a family friendly hotel – The last thing you will want is to head out on holiday and arrive at your hotel to find it is just aimed at relaxing couples only holidays. Also look for what is local to your hotel, you won’t want to be forking out for taxis or a hire car every day.

2) Be prepared for your wait at the airport – We planned our trip to the airport to include lunch. Mainly to just waste time and keep the kids distracted. You don’t need to buy at the airport if you don’t want to, just take some food with you.

3) Take a little kids survival journey pack – Our flights were 4 hours each way. Kayleigh and Ethan’s patience is about 30 minutes so I planned our flights with little journey packs to keep them entertained. The first thing was to download a movie on our ipads, if you have a device which you can download onto this is a great way to waste an hour of the journey. Also in the trunki’s I packed their leap pads, their favourite teddy, some of their favourite small toys plus a notebook and crayons ready to draw their favourite memories.

4) Take in the culture – Most parents have a set routine which is likely to go when your on holiday. Use that as a sign to take in the culture of the country your staying in, try new foods, visit places you wouldn’t normally go. Enjoy the break!

That is some of my top tips for travelling with young children, what’s yours?

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