Tips to keeping your hair healthy in the winter

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With the winter weather battering the UK at the minute, our skin and hair are taking a battering from it too! With our winter weather here for a little while longer, it is time to make sure you take a little time out to look after both your skin and hair this winter, after all, we all want healthy thick hair.

I am suffering from my skin currently, the cold weather snap is really affecting it, leaving me with dry tender skin. so moisturizing is top of my priorities at the minute.

If your hair and skin are suffering in this weather, here are some top tips for keeping them in top condition:

  1. Don’t overwash your hair – To prevent your hair from drying out too much, try to reduce the number of times you wash your hair to two or three times a week. It will also reduce the amount of damage you cause when you heat style your hair.
  2. Use a conditioner – Investing in a good conditioner will ensure that you put the moisture back into your hair and help to keep it looking great.
  3. Keep hydrated – When it is cold lots of us forget to drink, however, to keep your skin looking it’s best you should make sure you are taking on plenty of water daily. It is not only good for your skin though, but it is also great for the whole body!
  4. Invest in the right products for you – Now is the time to invest in the best products for you and your skin/hair type. Lilyhair is a direct factory supplier selling human hair products and is worth a look.
  5. Don’t turn the shower up too hot – Even though it is tempting when it is cold to turn the shower right up, it’s not good for your skin or your hair. When the water is too hot it strips away the natural oils from your skin and makes your skin dry.

What is your top tip for looking after your skin and hair?

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