Top 5 #RentingRules for when you rent

I know sometimes that people are given a hard time when they decide to rent not buy however sometimes it may be your only option to get into your own space and spread your wings.

Daddy Vs Work and I rented our first home alongside my brother just before I turned 18. Splitting the rent 3 ways made life a little bit easier and it gave us all a chance to have some space to call our own.

I wanted to share my top tips on making sure that renting works for you. Here are my top 5 #RentingRules for those who chose to rent:

  1. Make a sure you can afford your outgoings – I know the fact lots of people will look at a place to rent and go “yeah I can afford that” which I’m sure you can. Just remember the costs that come alongside it, council tax, gas & electric etc.
  2. Get to know your estate agent/landlord – We had a great relationship with our letting agency, they were there if we needed them but at the same time we paid on time, weren’t noisy neighbours etc. Good relationships go a long way!
  3. Respect the place you live in – I know most people will look after where they live however some don’t. I know you are paying to live there but that is someone’s home/business. They have worked hard to live there and yes, they may have HomeLet Landlords Insurance but they shouldn’t need to use it due to their tenant’s lack of respect! Treat the house or flat as your own.
  4. Know your contract – Lots of contracts have different clauses in, including painting the walls, decorating etc. You don’t want to have to repaint the house before you leave!
  5. Never miss a rent payment – Our rent never changed in the 3 years we were there any I think part of this came down to us paying our rent on time and looking after the home we lived in.

Renting can be a great, I know it is not for everyone but some people have no choice. If you do have to rent, don’t be afraid. Instead make it your home and enjoy the space you have, you never know, you may live there for 5-10+ years!

Do you rent or own your home? I’d love to hear your #RentingRules if you are a renter!

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