Tots 100 home makeover

Tots 100 have teamed up with the fantastic to offer one blogger the chance to win a £2500 home makeover. All we have to do to win this amazing prize is tell you which room we’ve selected, why and what we’d like to do to it. All in a creative way.

Now I had big plans. Been like a mad scientists concocting all these great ideas on how bring our video to life, then our accident happened.

I managed to start the video but but never managed to finish it nor am I in any shape to edit the video at the minute so it’s down to plan b. a good old fashioned blog post.

So the room we’ve selected … *Drum Roll*

Our garden!

Don’t get me wrong, our living room needs a lick of paint and a new carpet. The bathroom needs gutting and our kitchen needs finishing but our garden is the hub of our house.

As long as its not raining, the kids are out there playing. If you follow the blog you will remember we paid out to have the bottom section of the garden covered in artificial grass and let me tell you, the debt was worth taking, the kids love it as do we all. For the first time since we moved in almost 5 years ago we’ve been able to have picnics in the garden and just run around having fun but and it’s a big but we ran out of money. So for our makeover we would like someone to help with the rest of the garden.

I’m under no illusions. I know it’s going to take more than the £2500 to finish it but just to have a little help would be amazing. Let me show you the current state of our garden, you have been warned!







So as you can see it is requiring a miracle! I wouldn’t blame anyone for not wanting to take it on!

We have big plans for it though when money and time become spare! We would love to make it a 3 tiered garden. Our lovely grass at the bottom, a gorgeous patio area in the middle with a picnic table and the all important BBQ and at the top a sun trap gorgeous decking area with raised beds where we can plant up some veg and flowers with the kids so they can learn about nature.

I know what I want, it’s just finances don’t afford it.

So if I was to win, I’d put it towards any of the following plans I have for the garden:
1) Re fence the whole garden. This would make our garden so much more secure and look a little better.
2) Build the first of our reinforcing walls to give our garden it’s 2nd tier.
3) Decking the top tier our
4) Build some new stairs between the tiers.
5) Build our flower beds.
6) Pave the first tier
7) New furniture!

Here are a few of my ideas and plans in pictures!