Treating yourself this Spring

Spring is on the way, the mornings are lighter, I leave work before it starts to get dark and it is finally starting to feel a bit fresher without being too cold.

It soon means we start to put the winter woollies away and break out the spring/summer attire. For me though, the one thing at the top of my shopping list is a new handbag! I have a small cheap supermarket handbag and it has served me well however as much as I could try and claim I “need” one, the honest truth is I just want a new one.

I was very lucky as Daddy Vs Work brought me a beautiful Armani purse for my 30th birthday on our way back from holiday and it is my pride and joy. All i need now is a bag to put it in 😛

With spring on the way round though there are some gorgeous bags on the market now. Now if you are are regular reader on the blog you will know by now its all about saving money where possible so of course I have been looking at the current handbag sale that are on.

Here are a few of my favourite picks from the current sales:

Now I think I have an addiction to pastel shade handbags here! I have to say though it has been pretty tough to pick my favourite bags from the offers that there are out there.

It’s true what they say though, you are either a handbag or shoe lady and I am most definitely in the handbag category. However since having kids it seems I have always had to go for practical bags, now I am looking for a gorgeous bag to match my purse.

Which are you, a handbag or shoe fan?

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