Blogging Challenge – Beat those January Blues!

Ok so have set the challenge to write something positive about 2012 to beat those January blues.

So I havent got anything that’s probably got that wow factor however there are lots of great things going on in the Mummy Vs Work household that I want to share with you.

The first one is being Ethan’s speech, I was worried for a while that at almost 19 months he was hardly talking but I needn’t have bothered. In the last few weeks his speech is coming on leaps and bounds! He’s gone from not even talking to babbling loads and trying really hard to make words, his favourite word is Daddy or “What’s that”. So well done to my little boy!!!

The next great thing that’s happening in our house is Kayleigh, she’s turning into a little girl now, not so much a toddler. She has started to develop a fantastic imagination and loves to sing and dance for you. She’s also now loves dressing up and wants to be a big girl wearing her pretty headbands and clips. She is my gorgeous girl 🙂

Our new years resolution is still going well. I have cooked fresh meals from scratch all bar 2 nights since the new year, this is such a huge improvement and we are all feeling the benefit for it. I am actually enjoying cooking too which surprises me, I love baking but was never really good at cooking so this has given me that little bit more confidence to carry on. Also trust me on this, if I can teach myself to cook so can you, there are lots of great starter recipes out there for you to try to build up that recipe selection!

There are a few things that i still want to achieve in 2012, I would love to really get our finances on track and cleared. Also I would love to start work on getting the house how we want it, but this really depends on how the first bit goes but I wont let it get to me. We are getting there as a family and were all happy and healthy, to me that’s the most important thing.

Come share something positive about 2012!


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