UNIQLO £100 family Fashion Challenge

UNIQLO got in touch to see if we wanted to take part in their £100 Family Fashion Challenge.

The challenge name says it all really, we had £100 to spend on clothes for the whole family and to see how far our money could stretch.

So I set to work on picking what items to go for so we all got a fair share. On the end we went for:

Me: Women Denim Leggings
Colour Rib Sleevless top X2


I tend to go for practical clothing for me, things that can be mixed and matched but also things that last a while as we tend to be bottom of the list for new clothes. I love vest tops as they can be worn for home and work and dressed up or down depending on what you are up to. At just £4.90 for the vest tops they are a bargain but the quality is superb and will last for a long time.

DaddyVsWork : MEN Sweat Full-Zip Parka Long Sleeve Faux Shearing


Daddy Vs Work has been after a new jacket for a while and this faux shearing lined jacket was perfect. I admit I tend to steal his jumpers to wear and have been warned of this jacket as its strictly his. He was so impressed he’s requested another on in a different colour!

Kayleigh: GIRLS Skinny Fit Jeans
GIRLS Illustrators Project T Long Sleeve



Kayleigh has had a growth spurt over recent months so all her long-legged trousers and long-sleeved tops no longer fit so she is in need of a complete new wardrobe and these two items are a great place to start. Both items have washed up perfectly and Kayleigh loved the jeans. Simply for the fact when you fold the legs up on the jeans they have a gorgeous purple colour inside which gives a great design to them!

Ethan: KIDS Regular Fit Cargo Trousers
KIDS Illustrators Project T Long Sleeve


Again like Kayleigh’s closed Ethan was impressed with his two items. For me one of my favourite items was his cargo trousers. Not only are they well made but they also have adjustable waists which means you get more wear out of them as currently they are a little long in the leg. So we simply fold them up a little then let them down every time he grows a little more!



So 8 items for £100 – not bad I didn’t think!

I found UNIQLO a great shop to buy from, each item we have received is great quality but also washed up well. Whar I was also keen on was the fact they had a wide range for the whole family however each item was a little more unique than you would find on the high street.

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