Unique gifting ideas

Unique gifting ideas

I am quiet a quirky geek really when it comes to gifts and things for around the home.

For me nothing says you’ve put a lot of effort into someones gift than when you get them something a little bit more personalised to their taste.

Uncommon goods have an amazing range of items you will not see anywhere. They really are unique in the approach to what they offer. With a huge range of gifts including personalised gifts there really is lots to pick from, you can see the whole range of personalised gifts here.

Let me take you on a quick tour of some of my favourite items that they have to offer.

Now I don’t know about your but my Instagram feed is always full of unicorns, they are everywhere! This Elwood the Rainbow Unicorn mug is sure to be a huge hit with any fan.

Unique Unicorn Mug

How cool is this?! It is a must have for any unicorn fan!

Next up is something I really want! So if any of my family and friends are looking for birthday gifts ideas, here’s one:

Unique Lightbulb LED Lamp

This amazing lamp is actually a 2d shape that has been designed to give the illusion of a 3d item. I have never seen anything like it before but it looks amazing.

Now for the most difficult person to buy for, Daddy Vs Work. He never really wants anything, unless there is a new game out but he usually picks it up with his own money. So that makes buying for his birthday etc really difficult. However Uncommon Goods have such a great range of Fathers day gifts which could easily be used for birthdays or Christmas gifts.

Their full range is available to view here.

Top of my list for Daddy Vs Work would be this:

Unique People FeederNow I have said this is for Daddy Vs Work as he is a huge M & M fan however this is the sort of thing I would love on my desk as I am working. However I doubt the sweets would last very long.

This is just a selection of my favourite items however you have to head over to Uncommon Goods if you are in need of inspiration, they have something for everyone over on their site.

This post is in collaboration with Uncommon Goods.



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