Viennese Whirls

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Hooray Great British Bake Off is back!

Along with this comes the Great Blogger Bake Off which is hosted by the lovely Jenny at Mummy Mishaps. Now I love taking part and couldn’t wait to sign up to bake along, I just completely underestimated how much energy the recovery from my operation would take up.

Not one to be beaten though I am baking along this week (with a lot of help and a few short cuts) so I’ve decided to go for the easiest of the 3 recipes, the Viennese whirls.

I did have good ideas of chocolate orange whirls however reality is I couldn’t stand long enough to bake. In the end I thought I’d stick with the classic Mary Berry recipe with shop brought jam (sorry!). The recipe below can be found on the BBC food site

The recipe itself was really easy to follow however I had a complete disaster.

They were so flat and crumbly I didn’t even attempt to fill the middle! I think this was a combination of the icing nozzle used and the fact the butter and sugar wasn’t beaten enough prior to baking.

Lesson learnt for me this week, I need to sit back and enjoy baking but stick with things like cakes that the kids can bake for me!

If you want to see how bakers really bake and get some amazing recipes head over to Jenny’s blog now via the button below 🙂

Mummy Mishaps
I received a Tesco voucher to spend in their baking aisle, thankfully I still have some left to bake again another week and hopefully do better!

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