Watch that tumble dryer!

I never realised how dependant I was on my right hand until this weekend.

On Friday I was stupidly in a hurry to empty my tumble dryer and managed to dislocate me little finger on my right hand damaging the tendons in the process.

Anyway after the initial tears and quiet a few swear words we made our way to a & e, got x-rayed and arm in the sling, we headed home for the fun to begin.

You see I am right handed and right handed only, so now I can’t even do the simple tasks like putting my hair up so that has pretty much ruled out most things, blogging had taken a back seat till I found the app for it! Granted I am slower as its all one handed but I can get there.

It makes me think though, what would I do if I was to lose use of my arm!? Surely human nature would tell us to adapt and then live life slightly different.

Now if you love food you will know of Michael Caines the fantastic 2 michelin star chef, what’s even more amazing than that is the fact his lost his arm in a car accident yet got back into the kitchen to gain his stars.

So although I will gain use of my right hand again, for the time being I will aspire to cook like Michael Caines, though I think even with 2 hands I won’t even get close!

What have I learnt from this experience? Other than the fact I will never be a Michelin star chef?

Hire a cleaner!

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