Watch us grow – February

I’m a bit late this month as life has been a bit manic!

January brought illness in our house with Ethan getting tonsillitis, me suffering with a viral infection then Kayleigh being sent home with the same thing!

Thankfully we are all better apart from a few sniffles.

As another month passed things are changing quickly.

Kayleigh is now reading her books from school as part of the reading scheme and is doing really well.

She also got another certificate at school in the assembly for using her estimating skills in cookery perfectly and then staying behind to help clean up, we are super proud of how far she has come.

Ethan is back to full health and back to being his cheeky self.

He is loving preschool and sometimes I think we forget he is only 3. His speech is amazing and he is a little independent boy, however he still wants cuddles and kisses.

He’s going to love going to school in September!



Favourite colour : Pink
Favourite food : Pizza
Favourite drink : Apple juice
Loves : Painting



Favourite colour : Blue
Favourite food : Pizza
Favourite drink : Orange juice
Loves : To hug me (honestly this was his reply!)

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