Ways to Ruin Your Holiday

From missing your flight to getting your period, there are numerous ways that you can ruin your holiday, but by knowing them, you can make sure that they don’t happen, So, check out these common holiday ruiners right now:

Forgetting Your Passport and Other Essential Documents

You probably think that you’d never be foolish enough to forget your passports and visa when you head off to the airport, but is that really true? It’s actually pretty easy to do – you think that your partner has picked up the passports, they thought you were sorting it and before you know it you’re at the airport and out of luck. Sure, if you live close by you may be able to go back and get them in time, but if not, or if the traffic is heavy, that could be you grounded and your holiday ruined.

Forgetting the Tickets

I could have included this with the above, but this isn’t quite as problematic as forgetting your passport, because you can usually get a replacement, however, it could well sour the beginning of your holiday because it’s likely to cost you dearly, So, please do double check that you have everything you need before you head off to the airport.

Not Leaving Enough Time

“Stop rushing; we have plenty of time!” Uh, do you really? Sop many people underestimate how long it will take them to get to the airport, check-in, get through all of the checks and board their flights on time. If you don’t want to ruin your holiday by missing your flight, then instead of cutting it fine, head off way earlier than you think you need to. DSure, you might be stuck aimlessly mooching around the airport for longer than you’d like, but it’s better than missing your plane completely.

Getting Blind Drunk

Ways to Ruin Your Holiday

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Getting blind drunk is a sure-fire way of getting yourself ejected from the plane. You’ll probably even get your passport confiscated and you may even end up spending a night locked up when you should be lounging on a beach, Even if you aren’t typically the type to get drunk and cause a scene, when you’re more relaxed and you’re in the holiday mood, it’s all too easy to go from tipsy to roaring drunk without even realising what you’re doing, so be careful.

Not Delaying Your Period

If you’re a woman of menstruating age and your period is likely to come while you’re on holiday, you can request period delay pills online, and if you typically have heavy or painful periods, it might be a good idea. It will enable you to enjoy your holiday without having to worry about any issues in that department

Not Doing Your Research

Sure that luxury villa in the South of France looked amazing in the brochure, but is that what it really looks like or is it an old photo? An artist’s impression of the villa, perhaps? If you don’t do your due diligence and try to ascertain exactly what the state of your accommodation will be like, using online reviews and such, before you head off, then you could end up staying in a dilapidated ruin that isn’t fit for human habitation rather than that wonderful chateaux you thought you were going to get.

Thinking the Weather Will Be Amazing

Just because you’ve booked a holiday in Barbados doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed wall to wall sunshine and tropical temperatures that will allow you to lounge on the beach for the duration. Even the places known for their amazing weather are prone to bouts of rain, storms, and worse. So, at least check that you’re booking at a time when the weather is most likely to be to your taste, and do pack for more than just the one eventuality.

Being a Bad Brit Abroad

Okay, so it’s unfair to tar all Brits with the same brush – most of us behave perfectly well abroad, but you know what I’m talking about; the kind of Brits who go abroad and act like they’re on a typical Saturday night out in the city all day every day, annoying the locals and causing trouble. If you act like that, then you could find that your holiday is a lot less fun that it could be when you end up shunned by the locals or even locked up. Make an effort to fit in, follow local customs and set a good example, and you will be fine.

Packing Things You Shouldn’t

Ways to Ruin Your Holiday

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There is a long list of things that you are not allowed to take on the plane with you and which will not be allowed into other countries. If you do end up packing them that at best you could be held up by security and at worst you could be strip searched and even prevented from flying. So, before you pack, look at the regulations and make sure that you meet their standards.

Not Packing Stuff for the Kids to Do

If you are travelling with your children, then you need to pack lots of activities for them to do on the plane if you don’t want them to throw a tantrum, scream throughout the duration of the flight and get your holiday off to a bad start. Leaving them bored isn’t fair to them, and it will do nothing to help you have an easy ride.

Not Buying Travel Insurance

You and your family are all healthy, right? Why waste money on travel insurance when you could upgrade your hotel or spend the extra on a few luxuries while you’re away? Well, quite simply because anyone can get sick or have an accident at any time and if you don’t have insurance you could end up seriously out of pocket, worried about your future and with a holiday that’s well and truly ruined. It’s so not worth it.

So, there you have it – some of the easiest ways to ruin your holiday Not all of them will apply to you – some of you would never dream of behaving like a drunk, for example – but the ones that do make sure you avoid them and you’ll have a great holiday.

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