We Will Survive!

So I’ve decided to write a post from my sick chair (god I love the fact I now have an iPhone!) as I’ve been a bit quiet this week.

I shall start by filling you in on a few things.

Firstly you may have noticed there is no weekly update on get healthy. This is because I fell off the whole diet and exercise routine a few weeks ago and this week I was due to start again however health had other ideas!

So this week has pretty much involved lying in bed or on the sofa and sleeping!

The whole house has been very poorly now for almost a week with some sort of flu type virus and it’s been hard work. Nothing worse than feeling poorly with two poorly toddlers at the same time.

We are recovering slowly … Very slowly.

There has been one major draw back to this though and that’s my studying has fallen way behind. I missed Monday’s class completely and managed to take part in Wednesday’s class but to be honest I think I pretty much most of it went over my head!

So now I’m having a little panic, I need to get healthy again to try back onto my studies as the clock is ticking till exam day!

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