Wedding Preparation

Well today’s the day, my big sister is getting married!

Both myself and Kayleigh are bridesmaids along with another little girl so its time to dress up and look pretty, however i don’t normally do dresses/skirts i’m more of a jean type of person but i’m going to try the whole pretty in pink thing for the day 🙂

So the morning has started pretty lazy really just doing normal things (housework!) as we’re not due to get to my sisters till after lunch and we’ve just done our nails.

Not something i ever imagined doing to be honest, i’m not a big fan of little girls and make up but as i was doing mine Kayleigh asked to have her’s done and after thinking about it i didn’t really think it would do much harm with a little bit of paint on her nails. Call me old fashioned but little girls should be that little girls, not dressing up older than they are so she can wear the nail varnish today then it will come off tonight.

Right next job, organising the house’s outfits for the day!

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