Our weekly meal plan – 03/07/17

Good morning and happy July!

With lots of changes coming up we need to make sure we stick to our weekly meal plan more than ever in the coming weeks. I took a delivery from Musclefood on Friday so our freezer is full of meat and fish to use, there is no excuse.

We have got a busy few weeks coming up as the end of term is fast approaching. I’m going to stick to meals we know and ones that are quick to make so we don’t reach for the takeaway menu.

If you read my meal plan last week you will know I brought the Eat Well For Less book. I want easy meals that don’t break the bank and the show looked like it offered that.

We did get round to trying out the home made kebabs (though I brought beef mince instead of lamb) and we also tried out the slow cooker Thai beef curry. Both were actually very yummy with no waste. The left overs of the curry are in the freezer and there was a portion for me to bring to work today.

So what have we got cooking this week?

Monday –

Haddock and new potatoes – Swimming night so something simple when we get home.

Tuesday –

Chicken curry – Not sure if we will have a rogan or a tikka masala, I’ll see how we feel on the day.

Wednesday –

Pancakes – Not my choice but easy to make so I don’t mind!

Thursday –

Spicy pork rice – This is a Hairy Bikers recipe. It is delicious, a bit hot for the kids but one we love!

Friday –

Pasta? – Not sure if we will end up having this or not, our new puppy has an appointment at the vets right at dinner time so this may change.

Saturday –

Spicy sausage – we used to have a recipe that had green lentils, spices etc. However we can’t remember it! So I’m going to try and recreate it from memory.

Sunday –

Nothing planned – I will see how the weather is and what we are in the mood for by the end of the week to decide what we are having.

This is our plan for the week, what is cooking in your house?

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